Kamba Transcription Services

The Kamba language, also known as Kikamba, is a Bantu language and it is spoken by the Kamba people of Kenya. It has lexical similarities to some other Bantu languages. It is spoken by around 5,000 people in Tanzania. It is spoken in four major regions of Kamba land which are Machakos, Mwingi, Kitui and Makueni. The Machakos is considered to be the best of the four dialects and it has been used to translate the Bible.

LC, a Professional Transcription Service Provider Company with its head office in India and branch offices in USA, Germany, Australia & France, delivers Kamba transcription services with its team of more than 20 Kamba professional native transcribers worldwide. At LC, we offer Kamba transcription services for following language pairs:

  • Kamba to Kamba Transcription Services
  • Kamba to English Transcription Services
  • English to Kamba Transcription Services


LC provides transcription services for following type of material/content but it’s not only limited to these materials/content:

  • Video Formats - avi, mpg, mp4, dat, wmv, 3gp, amv, divx, dpg, mov, qt, rm, swf, flv and more.
  • Audio Formats - mp3, wma, wav, ra, ram, rm, mid, gg, m4a, msv, AIFF/AIF, caf, amr, dvf and more.
  • Academic seminars, lectures, academic conferences, academic documentaries etc.
  • Conferences, Web Based Meetings, Speeches & Over the phone conferences etc.
  • Business Meetings, Seminars, Corporate Lectures & Corporate Training Sessions
  • Legal Transcription such as court hearings, confessions, depositions etc.
  • Medical Transcription such as Interviews with doctors and patients
  • Face to Face Interviews and Telephonic Interviews
  • One to One Interviews & IDIs (In-depth interviews)
  • Transcriptions of Dissertation & Thesis Interviews
  • Video and Audio Podcast Transcription Services
  • FGDs (Focused Group Discussions)
  • Continuity Transcription Services
  • Timecode Transcription Services
  • Audio and Video Transcriptions
  • Market Research Interviews
  • Script Transcription Services
  • Book Transcription Services
  • Cart Transcription Services
  • Medical Conferences
  • Sermon Transcriptions

Why Choose LC Transcription Services

  • Affordable Quality Services
  • More than 4,000 transcribers
  • Transcription in over 200 languages
  • Time- bound delivery of projects
  • Transcribers according to the subject
  • Only native or bilingual transcribers having native level proficiency