LC is a globally connected dubbing company with head office in Gurgaon, India and branch offices in Berlin, Germany and Boston, Massachusetts, USA. LC provides professional dubbing services to clients across the globe covering industries such as entertainment (movies, TV-series and animations), e-learning, corporates, gaming, advertising, and many more. LC through its network of more than 2,000 dubbing artists and partner production studios in more than 50 countries offers dubbing services in more than 100 languages.

Dubbing Services Mix at LC

  1. Commercial (radio, television, animation, infomercials, sweepers, imaging, promos, trailers, jingles, tags, etc.)
  2. Narration (audio books, documentaries, medical narration, website audio, technical narration, political statements, audio tours, news releases, financial narration, etc.)
  3. Telephonic (on-holiday, after hours, holiday messaging, interactive voice response, automated attendant, voicemail greetings, phone prompts)
  4. Corporate/ Industrial (promotional video, training programs, sales presentations, in-flight announcements, award show nominees, winners, product endorsements, point of sale messaging, trade show exhibits, in store kiosks, hi- tech toys, documentary films)
  5. E- learning, instructional DVDs, PC, console, Arcade games, multimedia, flash presentations
  6. Entertainment (Movies, TV Series, Animation Series, Cartoon Series, etc.)

Dubbing Process at LC

Our dubbing process includes following stages:

  1. We receive all the material from the client like scripts, m&e effects etc .
  2. Commissioning the script for translation/adaptation to native translators and supervised by dubbing director.
  3. Selecting most prominent cast/voice by dubbing director for each and every role.
  4. Training, practicing, recording & editing of dialogues with natural flow, pace, pitch, speech and expression.
  5. Mixing –  In this step we mix multiple recordings, sounds, music and effects into single track.
  6. We personally check quality of complete work.
  7. Delivering final product.