Lingual Consultancy is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Interpretation company in India. LC provides high-level interpretation services for legal, corporate, medical business negotiations and meetings, delegations- visiting international geographies, machine installation, business conferences and seminars in some countries like India, USA, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Italy, Russia etc. We have over 10000 interpreters associated with us across the globe and are successfully supporting our clients in their interpretation projects running in Indian cities like New Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune etc. Our expert interpreters excel in live interpretation service, adhere and deliver culturally accurate translation without altering the root meaning of the speech.

All our interpreters are native/s and are experts/professionals of the industry/domain.

LC provides Interpretation service in over 150 global languages and following are the range of service area:

  1. Simultaneous Interpretation-This requires the interpreter to listen to speaker in source language and quickly render the message to another speaker of target language. This type of interpretation requires close proximity between speaker and interpreter and hence it is most widely used in conferences.
  2. Consecutive Interpretation-The interpreter allows the speaker of source text to complete his sentence, message or the entire speech post which he renders the message in the target language. The art of quick and correct note-making is essential to this style of interpretation. This type is most useful in court, job- interviews, business presentations and small group- meetings.
  3. Relay Interpretation-This is used when the source message has to be interpreted and rendered in more than one target language. For instance, a Japanese source message rendered to different interpreters in English who then further render it in their respective languages.
  4. Conference Interpretation- Interpreting a speech does not mean translating literally word for word. In order to interpret a speech from its source language we need to transfer its semantic, connotative, and aesthetic content into another language, using the lexical, syntactic, and stylistic resources of the second, or “target” language. Effective interpretation requires that the intended message is understood perfectly. One of the most important services LC offers is conference interpreting. With the advance of international trade and the Internet as an essential tool, several small and large organizations have gone global in a relatively short period of time. English is the universal language in the business world, and those who need to bridge the gap between English and other languages with the intention of addressing an audience in the target language or their native language need look no further.
  5. Liaison Interpretation or Escorting-A tourist, by definition, is an intrepid explorer who is offered a window into a new culture and way of life. However, this can also present a problem where the tourists and the culture explored do not share the same language. Our tourist interpretation service operates on the maxim that the interpreter serves as a cultural ambassador, and opens the tourist’s eyes to the history and civilization of the culture explored. Our tourist interpreters are adept at handling either individual tourists or groups of travelers. In addition to the usual explanations of places of interest and monuments visited, our interpreters will help the tourist communicate with local residents and help them understand their ethos and culture. An interpreter accompanies a person or delegation on a tour, on a visit and relays what is spoken to one, between two or among many people. Our Business Escort interpreters are well-used to this pace of working, and will work in tandem with the business traveler to provide the level of service they require. If you require interpreters with a specific industry background, we are more than happy to oblige – we believe that a knowledgeable interpreter aids businessmen in conducting any negotiations and explaining their points of view more effectively. Our Business Escort interpretation services works on the basis of strict confidentiality, and our interpreters are contractually bound to hold all information they come across strictly private.
  6. Sight/Visual Interpretation- Spoken interpretation of written documents, visual presentation etc by a certified interpreter.
  7. Phone Interpretation- Telephone interpreting is a service that connects human interpreters via telephone to individuals who wish to speak to each other but do not share a common language. The telephone interpreter converts the spoken language from one language to another, enabling listeners and speakers to understand each other. Interpretation over the telephone most often takes place in consecutive mode, which means that the interpreter waits until the speaker finishes an utterance before rendering the interpretation into the other language LC offers professional, cost effective phone interpretation services on demand of the client.

Interpretation is verbal translation and involves the spoken language and interpreted language. Hence, careful study of both is necessary to grasp the in-depth meaning of the spoken language, then interpret it efficiently and instantly into the language and vocabulary of the listener.
LC assigns highly qualified professional interpreters who work closely with clients throughout the duration of a project. Our interpreters have strong hold on voice, accent, presentation and other behavioral skills such as gestures, body language etc. This builds a professional and trustworthy relationship with our clients and gives them the confidence necessary to keep their focus on the business at hand.