Language Recruitment

Language Recruitment deals with attracting, screening and selecting qualified linguistic professionals for a job. The world of language resource requirement is changing and LC is one of the leading forces shaping that change. There is a growing demand for both flexibility and skills on the part of the language workforce. With respect to the operations of our language recruitment business, client typically has following requirements:

  • Linguistic professionals with bilingual or trilingual proficiency and general skills
  • Linguistic professionals with bilingual or trilingual proficiency and technical skills


For language professionals with general skills, we focus on the level of language competency, broad industry know- how and cost benefit to client. For language professionals with technical skills, we have a strong network of “experts” from respective fields. The in- depth knowledge of these experts enables us to identify and connect to language professionals with relevant technical skills in greater numbers and more efficient manner. These approaches are in addition to traditional methods of recruitment.

We at LC believe that conventional methods of employment will evolve year by year. We therefore constantly and continually strive for improvement with newer combinations of skills client needs from us.

Whether you are looking for a Chinese Language Expert, Korean Language Expert, Japanese Language Expert, Portuguese Language Expert or a Spanish Language Expert, German Language Expert, Russian Language Expert, French Language Expert or any other language expert, we are sure we would be able to help you out. We are the only service provider in India which specializes in Language Recruitment. LC only provides Language Recruitment services and no other type of recruitment services. We have strong tie ups with Language Institutes across India and we also have our internal database of language experts apart from any of the available job portals such as naukri and monster which are used by almost all the recruitment firms in India.