LC, a language service provider and a transcription company in India with its head office in India provides transcription services in more than 150 languages. Transcription is converting live or recorded spoken word into a written or electronic text form. Some transcription service providers send their transcribers/ human resources to events, seminars who then convert the spoken content into text. Some transcription services also accept recorded speech such as in CDs, cassettes, VHS, or any other sound file. Transcription Service providers, organizations or individuals, have different ways of charging or pricing their services. Pricing may be per word, per line, per minute or per hour. Transcription may be done in same language or in a different target language depending on client’s requirement.

Providing transcription of an audio/video in a different language has two key stages:  
STAGE1: Native speaking linguist watches or listens to the recording and converts the words contained in the source file into written form.
STAGE2: As per the client’s project requirement, the text can then be translated into target language by one of our professional native translators. 

Transcription Services Mix at LC

  • Business Transcription Services (Meetings, Services, Seminars, Speeches, Conferences etc.)
  • Market Research transcription services (Focus groups, Interviews- Face to face, telephonic etc.)
  • Academic transcription services (lectures, seminars, research, academic interviews, dissertation, thesis etc)
  • Legal transcription services (depositions, hearings)
  • Medical Transcription services (patient records, medical conferences etc.)
  • Media Transcription services (scripts, journalistic interviews, subtitling, captioning, etc.)

Transcription file formats supported by LC

  • Digital Audio Files (MP3, MP4, DSS, Olympus Digital dictation, Real Player, WAV, WMA,
  • Analogs (cassettes, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, videos)

Verbatim transcription and translation service by LC

An expert linguist from LC doing verbatim foreign language transcription captures all of the spoken words including fillers, “ah”, “uh” and “umm”, throat clearing and incomplete sentences. It also includes pauses, laughter, and other sounds, which are expected parts of spoken language. A linguist usually takes more time to transcribe this type of text. However, it is a valuable time for job interviews, police investigations and court cases where behavior and reactions of the person being questioned is equally important as the spoken words and translation.

Astute verbatim transcription and translation service by LC

Astute verbatim transcription and translation service omits all “uh”, “ums”, laughter, and pauses. Some slight editing to correct sentences and grammar is introduced and linguists have the freedom to eliminate words and sentences that are not relevant to the subject matter. Astute verbatim transcription offers best value to client where time and money are a constraint.
LC employs experienced linguists to work on your project and has an established record in delivering work with high standards of accuracy and efficiency.