Game Localization

Games, either console, cloud or browser-based account for more than 50% of revenue in the world of entertainment. Reach your players and go global with LC. 

Lingual Consultancy Services (LC) is a globally connected translation and localization company providing services in translation, transcription, interpretation, language recruitment, gaming localization and many other services.

Leave all your game localization requirements to an expert localizing company, Lingual Consultancy Services. At LC, we localize and work with passionate gaming professionals who also have a knack of translating games into their own language. Therefore, the end result always is high-quality localized games.

We localize mobile, desktop, console, browser, and board games along with game publishers and developers. With a quick turnaround and competitive prices, LC caters you with the best game localization services in over 50 languages. By means of this game localization its makes the product adaptable for players from all over the world, and it will increase game’s popularity and raise its sales.